GFF Blogs

  • My 47th birthday reflection

    At 47, I think I am having lesser years ahead of me.  Grateful for the past that has brought me to this day and grateful for the future that is shaped by both my past and present.   As I cruise thru my late 40s, I begin to realize…

  • What is your relationship with Sugar?

    I had basically allowed sugar to be in control of my life.    I treated it as the protector of my life.  In good times, sugar made everything better. Sugar helped me celebrate.  Getting rid of sugar completely is not sustainable.  I love food and food is a social thing to bond in relationships.  I want to enjoy all types of food and I want my family not to miss out on the pleasure of food.  Hence, Guilt Free Food is born with the mission to reduce sugar without compromising on taste for better health.