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  • My Happy Space - Tender Loving Food on Channel News Asia

    When circuit breaker happened in June, 2019, I just want to create less sugar, fluffy cinnamon roll that is suitable for modern day tastebuds.  A year and a half later, Guilt Free Food is featured on Channel News Asia - Tender Loving Food, joining the rest of world, telling my happy space story while dealing with the pandemic.
  • Quick and easy English Muffin recipe (better than store-bought)

    English muffins that can be made quickly within 1.5hours =).  It's even better than store bought version with NO addictives and preservatives.
  • Best Lactation Cookie (less sugar) for nursing mothers

    This is probably one of the best Lactation Cookie recipes around! I have used them personally to increase milk production when I was nursing both my daughters (exclusive breastfeed for 6 months with Siena and 12 months for Venezia).  They are tasty and functional plus easy to make.  I still bake them often for my family (husband and daughters) cos they nutritious and tasty. I promise you that this is an easy dessert recipe that helps increase milk production in nursing moms with added ingredients like coconut milk, flax meal, Brewer’s yeast, and oatmeal!

  • Rebound from Retrenchment

    Bouncing back from retrenchment has never been easy for me. However, with constant support and blessings from the family, friends and GFF fans, I have emerged stronger and tougher.   There is still hope and opportunity in retrenchment situations. It is up to you as to how you want to handle it. I hope this sharing can give you more clarity as to how you handle your retrenchment.
  • Guilt Free Food Sells The Best Caramel Cinnamon Rolls In Town

    Guilt Free Food sells the best caramel cinnamon roll in town, as reviewed by 8Days.