What is your relationship with Sugar?

Zero sugar cinnamon rolls from Guilt Free Food

What is your relationship with sugar?

  1. An occasional date
  2. Weekly affair
  3. Nightly affair
  4. Co-dependent relationship where you can’t live without it


I used to have a co-independent relationship where I need it for comfort, celebrations, and trying to curb boredom or suppressing anger. In short, I need it in good and bad times.


I had basically allowed sugar to be in control of my life.    I treated it as the protector of my life.  In good times, sugar made everything better. Sugar helped me celebrate.  Sugar was my reliable companion when I worked long hours without any encouragement or when I met a deadline and wanted a reward. Sugar was always there.


When I kept gaining weight and became bulimic, I couldn’t take charge of my life.   I decided to take full control of my life.  I fired sugar as my controller. This was extremely difficult because it felt like sugar had become a part of me. I didn’t know who or what I would be without it. But one thing I knew, I want to be alive and healthy for my kids.


Getting rid of sugar completely is not sustainable.  I love food and food is a social thing to bond in relationships.  I want to enjoy all types of food and I want my family not to miss out on the pleasure of food.  Hence, Guilt Free Food is born with the mission to reduce sugar without compromising on taste for better health. 


In the last 2.5 years of home baking, I have always wanted to work on sugar replacement.  Part of the motivation comes from my mum who is mildly diabetic.  Back then, zero calorie sugar was not that pleasant tasting.    My bakes ended up tasting way off and so was the texture.


Fast forward to today, and I am so proud to present you a range of zero calorie sugar cinnamon rolls that are tasty and healthy.  The zero sugar used is natural, nothing artificial.  I used a combination of allulose, monk fruit, and Erythritol.  The zero calorie sugar cinnamon rolls come in classic glaze, pandan, and butterscotch.   They are not gluten free as of right now.  I will still need more time to work on the gluten free version.  


Getting rid of sugar is not a quick fix. Be gentle with yourself.  I personally don’t think it is healthy to get rid of sugar entirely.  I am happy that I have worked myself to the point that I can take control of my diet, with the mindful intake of sugar. 


I am no dietician myself but happy to share with you, my journey.  If you need more sharing, reach out personally.


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