My Happy Space - Tender Loving Food on Channel News Asia

Tender Loving Food - Guilt Free Food

From Wuhan to Columbus USA, Milan to Malaysia, Tender Loving Food by Channel News Asia tells the still unravelling story of how people all over the world are coping with the pandemic by turning to their happy foods in the best way possible – by cooking them!

I am extremely honoured to be invited to share my story on Channel News Asia.  When I first started baking during circuit breaker in 2019, I used to daydream about creating less-sweet, fluffy cinnamon rolls that could be enjoyed by everyone.  One that could be eaten without feeling guilty.  I have no intention to be Cinnabon, I just want to create my version of cinnamon roll that is suitable for modern day tastebuds. A year and half later, Guilt Free Food is featured on Tender Loving Food by Channel News Asia, joining the rest of world, telling my happy space story while dealing with the pandemic.  Enjoy! 

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